Nothing Gets You Closer to the Course

Nothing Gets You Closer to the Course

Play a game of indoor virtual golf in Wyoming, MI

Spectrum Entertainment Complex now offers Full Swing Pro 2 Series golf simulators at our Wyoming, MI location. These simulators are top-of-the-line, letting you see your ball speed, angle and direction instantly.

Feel the difference for yourself. Call 616-530-2400 to book time in one of our golf simulators.

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What makes this new simulator so special? The Full Swing Pro 2 Series offers the latest in indoor virtual golf technology:

  • Dual tracking, using infrared light waves, lets you watch the curvature of your gold ball as it soars.
  • A spacious simulator gives you the space you need to make a full, accurate swing.
  • Photo-realistic graphics and a large, immersive screen make you feel like you're out on the course.

Full Swing Pro 2 tracks your shot with precision, giving you true-to-life results. How? The simulator accounts for ball spin, club head speed and face angle. It also offers the largest detection area of any indoor virtual golf simulator.

Come to Spectrum Entertainment Complex in Wyoming, Michigan for a golf game unlike any you've played before. Coming son in October!